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In 2014, Stephen published an article while consulting with a number of film sales agencies and distributors about the challenges they were facing.

In 2017, he updated that piece after interviewing six of the top independent feature and documentary distributors about the importance of making Minimum Guarantees (MG RISKS & REWARDS), and the overall status of the film/television distribution industry today.

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The Benefits of, and Issues with,
​Offering Minimum Guarantees

We wrote this essay after we recently interviewed six of the top independent feature and documentary distributors about the status of MGs today. What we learned and synthesized for this piece is the collective knowledge and opinions of those veteran film distributors, along with our company’s 35+ years of experience in the film, television and entertainment medias industry.

​Here is what we found.

→ Distributors now take on more risk with Features and Documentaries.

Bel Âge Médias …

Bel Âge Médias is a company specializing in developing film, television, and other media properties, as well as providing business development, branding guidance, and investment banking services. Additionally, under their ongoing 4K / Ultra HD initiative, they continue strategic alignments with high-end, entertainment technology providers, and explore low-cost alternatives for theatrical, televised, and online distribution of 4K (and 2K) films and television programs globally.