The Film Detective OTT

Bel Age Medias has teamed up with Mike Klein of Herkimer Television, Inc. in New York to provide The Film Detective, LLC with investment banking services, including M&A advice, capital fundraising, strategic partnerships and business development. 

EUE / Sokolow Entertainment, Inc.

Our firm – Bel Âge Médias – was retained, in a paid consultancy, to work hand in hand with Sam Sokolow, Jeff Cooney and the EUE/SE team to create a dynamic business plan and supporting materials to raise money for a pilot presentation development / production fund.

We wrote and designed the Business Plan.

We created detailed ROI projections.

We helped plan, and oversee the edit of the company’s video presentation to investors, featuring the key executives on camera discussing the company and the reasons to invest.  We put together a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for an equity investment, along with completing a Preferred Stock offering under SEC Regulation D, 505, and all the documents required by the SEC. We maintained all business records for the newly formed “C” corporation.

We introduced client to investors, strategic partners, and content creators.