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Bel Âge Médias {B.Â.M.} is a company specializing in developing film, television, and other media properties, as well as providing business development, branding guidance, and investment banking services. Additionally, under their ongoing 4K / Ultra HD initiative, they continue pursuing strategic alignments with high-end, entertainment technology providers, and explore low-cost alternatives for theatrical, televised, and online distribution of 4K and 2K films and television programs globally.


Started by Sarah Nean Bruce in 2000 (FKA Bel Age Pix on 01/01/01), Stephen J. Kerr  partnered with Ms. Bruce to widen the scope of services that Bel Âge Médias provides its clients, including business plans, pitch books, sales projections, valuations and many more. The company owns screen rights to a number of motion pictures and limited TV series – both live action and animated. Their diverse entertainment experience ranges from Studio films to Indie films, cable television movies and pilot presentations to new media, digital internet / web video series, and even modernized, transmedia-laden, supernatural Shakespeare adaptations. 

Together with Stephen J. Kerr, Sarah Nean Bruce operates Bel Âge Médias entertainment biz consultancy in Santa Monica, California.

»ABOUT Sarah Nean BRUCE« 


Sarah Nean Bruce has three decades of experience working in production and story development – plus twenty years experience working with major funders raising capital for the private and nonprofit sectors.

Over the past twenty-five years, she has amassed over 75 film, television, PSA, video, behind & beyond the scenes, and Internet TV production credits. 

She served as Co-Executive Producer/Story Development of her family-friendly Hallmark movies: “The Family Plan” and “Where There’s A Will”; Co-Executive Producer of the film festival award-winning sci-fi noir feature YESTERDAY WAS A LIE released by E-One; Director of the cult-indie thriller feature film BRAM STOKER’S WAY OF THE VAMPIRE released domestically by Blockbuster Entertainment, various distribs worldwide, and aired on SyFy Channel’s “31 Days of Halloween” for four years. Her works have been «Official Selections & Winners» of numerous film festivals around the world over the years.

Ms. Bruce’s past work includes: Executive Vice President of Development / Creative Affairs at the boutique production distribution company White Rose Entertainment for John D. Schofield (ENEMY AT THE GATES).

She spent her formative years in a Writing / Development / Technology consultancy position under the tutelage of mentor Steven D. Reuther at Vestron Pictures and New Regency Films.  And she cut her teeth as the Writer / Producer for the nationally syndicated family-friendly TV series “Classic Cars and Racing Stars.”

She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western Washington University in Entertainment Studies, Recreation & Leisure / Event Production, with a Minor support area in Business Administration.

She enjoys having dual citizenship in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

»ABOUT Stephen J. KERR«


Stephen J. Kerr serves as an Investment Banker to the Communicating Arts, as well as partnering on the development and packaging of high-quality film and television projects.

He uses his talents and expertise – of more than thirty years experience and relationships – working with film & television producers, distributors and financiers to develop and propel projects forward to completion. 

In 2014 Stephen partnered up with Sarah Nean Bruce to expand the services and reach of Bel Age Medias, a company dedicated to producing the highest caliber online, television and motion picture entertainment.

Starting in 2010, Arcus Worldwide Entertainment, LLC was created.  Kerr and Norm Andersen joined forces with Mark Lagrimas, Ralph Cooper and Keith Birkfeld (formally of MGM) to form this new company that was dedicated to finance and produce films in Latin America.

In 2009, Mr. Kerr and his partners founded International Film Finance Associates, LLC specifically for the purpose of financing major Hollywood productions in Russia.  What they learned through that venture they ultimately applied to their new enterprise in Latin America.

In 1989 (after six years based in Asia) Kerr founded Business Marketing Consultants, an investment banking firm dedicated to mergers and acquisitions in the home entertainment and publishing industries.

Stephen Kerr served as the VP/Regional Manager of Film Distribution in Southeast Asia for The Walt Disney Company, at Buena Vista International based in Hong Kong, from 1983 – 1989. At Disney he worked in publishing, theme parks, television and motion picture marketing.  Mr. Kerr traveled extensively throughout Asia working with Disney’s many intellectual properties.  Some of the films he helped distribute in Southeast Asia during his tenure were TRON, WINNIE THE POOH, TRENCHCOAT, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, NEVER CRY WOLF, MICKEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL, THE JOURNEY OF NATTY GANN, and THE LITTLE MERMAID.

Mr. Kerr earned an MBA in Marketing & Finance at San Diego State University; a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics & German from United States International University; he also studied Business & German at the Tubingen University in Germany; and he started his undergraduate work at Western Washington University.



– Business Plans: write, edit and analyze business plans for any kind of company. 25 years of writing business plans and helping companies execute on their plan make us a valuable resource for entrepreneurs
– Financial Consulting: help start up entertainment companies structure their business and set up their organization for maximum efficiency and attraction for money
– ROI Analysis: multi-year revenue and expense projections, ROI analysis and cash flow statements
– Business & IP Valuations: appraise companies, their intellectual properties and their film/television catalogs
– Distribution Relationships: help production companies secure distribution for their films. Help Distributors secure funding for minimum guarantees and prints & advertising
– Private Capital Formation: help raise working capital through private loans, equity and warrants


– Production Management
– Budgeting and Scheduling
– Post Producing, Post Supervising
– Production Accounting
– Information Technology
– Evaluating, directing, implementing, and communicating approved financial plans, as well as managing company’s production and operating budgets, accounting, auditing
– Liaising between Departments (Creative / Development, Production, Post, Distribution) to streamline flow of information
– Working with major funders raising capital for the private and nonprofit sectors, and proven experience as the financially responsible entity on productions, and in companies
– Executive oversight on all accounting and auditing of production entity’s projects
– Seeking out and securing donated, in-kind & discounted services on production and post for non-profits
– Securing $5,000,000.00 in donated and underwritten national and regional media ad time for non-profits
– Accounting and auditing of non-profit organization’s major fundraising and awareness-raising projects
– Risk Averting: solve problems now, avoid problems later


– Character Development: analyzing characters with extensive and deep psychological profiles
– Story Development: flushing out and developing ideas into treatments and screenplays
– Screenplay Analysis: story evaluation, tweak / polish notes (including plot, characters, styles / language, motifs), structure and pacing
– Pitch / Bible Development: pitch lines, log lines, one- page pitches, pitch bibles, series bibles, and production bibles
– Writing: polishing, tweaking, ghostwriting, editing, storytelling
– Digital Packaging / Presentation: portfolios, capes decks, videos
– Creative Affairs: creating, collaborating, co-writing; overseeing writer / development deals for clients by providing creative feedback during the pitch / script development process; maintaining a current awareness of new talent and pop culture
– Branding: creating client vision / voice, peerless branding, digital / mobile / social media integration and propagation plans
– Skills: inventive, collaborative, innovative, independent, calm, enthused


– Mergers & Acquisitions
– Large Transactions
– Immersive Storytelling
– Digital Creativity
– Market Longevity
– Business Profitability



– Trust us to conceptualize, create and deliver opportunities and ultimately provide the greatest metric of all: Transactional Results
– Seek us out to instigate & close the deals for them
– Hire us again, and again
– Recommend us to others

This Clientele includes:

EUE/Sokolow EntertainmentThe Film DetectiveDancing Star Foundation • Eva LaRueZED Ink • DWTS Pro – Sharna BurgessHelicon Arts • The Three StoogesH-Studios & H-Booths / Henderson Land Development (China)«The Butterfly AFFECT» Helping Kids & Families with Cancer PSA Campaign • Larry Levinson Productions / The Hallmark Movie ChannelNordic Media LtdNew Films InternationalGal Stad InvestmentsParenting PressSKINNKelly’s Filmworks Perry SystemsKappa StudiosESI DistributionFilm MovementFinitivHealing SpacesImagination WorldwidePaladin PressThe Camera HousePivotShare


Sarah Nean BRUCE
     Stephen J. KERR  

{Bel Âge Médias}
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