– Sold more than 55 publishing, motion picture, music, television, educational, training and production companies, as well as book, magazine, film and TV libraries;

– Business Negotiations and Business Turnarounds;

– Business Plans: write, edit and analyze business plans for any kind of company. 30 years of writing business plans and helping companies execute on their plan make us a valuable resource for entrepreneurs;

– Business & IP Valuations: appraise companies, their intellectual properties and their film/television catalogs;

– Financial Consulting: help start up, and mature, entertainment companies structure their business and set up their organization for maximum efficiency and to attract new money;

– Private Capital Formation: help raise working capital and business growth funds through private loans, equity and warrants;

– ROI Analysis: multi-year revenue and expense projections, ROI analysis and cash flow statements.


– Character Development: analyzing characters with extensive and deep psychological profiles

– Story Development: flushing out and developing ideas into treatments and screenplays

– Screenplay Analysis: story evaluation, tweak / polish notes (including plot, characters, styles / language, motifs), structure and pacing

– Pitch / Bible Development: pitch lines, log lines, one- page pitches, pitch bibles, series bibles, and production bibles

– Writing: polishing, tweaking, ghostwriting, editing, storytelling

– Digital Packaging / Presentation: portfolios, capes decks, videos

– Creative Affairs: creating, collaborating, co-writing; overseeing writer / development deals for clients by providing creative feedback during the pitch / script development process; maintaining a current awareness of new talent and pop culture

– Branding: creating client vision / voice, peerless branding, digital / mobile / social media integration and propagation plans

– Skills: inventive, collaborative, innovative, independent, calm, enthused


– Production Management

– Budgeting and Scheduling

– Post Producing, Post Supervising

– Production Accounting

– Information Technology

– Evaluating, directing, implementing, and communicating approved financial plans, as well as managing company’s production and operating budgets, accounting, auditing

– Liaising between Departments (Creative / Development, Production, Post, Distribution) to streamline flow of information

– Working with major funders raising capital for the private and nonprofit sectors, and proven experience as the financially responsible entity on productions, and in companies

– Executive oversight on all accounting and auditing of production entity’s projects

– Seeking out and securing donated, in-kind & discounted services on production and post for non-profits

– Securing $5,000,000.00 in donated and underwritten national and regional media ad time for non-profits

– Accounting and auditing of non-profit organization’s major fundraising and awareness-raising projects

– Risk Averting: solve problems now, avoid problems later


– Mergers & Acquisitions 

– Large Transactions 

– Immersive Storytelling 

– Digital Creativity 

– Market Longevity 

– Business Profitability