Kids Streaming Channel

Spring 2019 – Current

Our firm is in the process of selling a 12-year established, kids and family animation streaming video channel in Canada. Our client has more than 8100 episodes and approximately 1800 hours of content currently on their channel. This Streaming channel is both an SVOD and an AVOD, owned by a tech company, not a media company, and the owners wish to spin this property off to an affinity media group.

Our client has carriage on all the major platforms including Amazon (10,500+ subs), Apple, Chromecast, Roku, TIVO, XUMO, Xbox, Google Play and many others. The majority of their viewership is in the United States. This company is not a YouTube partner. They have their own carriage on most major platforms.

Please let us know if you would like to know more about this unique acquisition opportunity.