Bel Âge Médias …

Bel Âge Médias is a company specializing in developing film, television, and other media properties, as well as providing business development, branding guidance, and investment banking services. Additionally, under their ongoing 4K / Ultra HD initiative, they continue strategic alignments with high-end, entertainment technology providers, and explore low-cost alternatives for theatrical, televised, and online distribution of 4K (and 2K) films and television programs globally.

Started by Sarah Nean Bruce in 2000 (FKA Bel Age Pix), Stephen Kerr has partnered with Ms Bruce to widen the scope of services that Bel Âge Médias provides its clients, including business plans, pitch books, sales projections, valuations and many more. The company owns screen rights to a number of motion pictures and limited TV series – both live action and animated. Their diverse entertainment experience ranges from Studio films to Indie films, cable television movies and pilot presentations to new media, digital internet / web video series, and even a modernized, transmedia-laden, supernatural Shakespeare adaptation. 

Together with Stephen J. Kerr, Sarah Nean Bruce operates Bel Âge Médias entertainment biz consultancy in Santa Monica, California.