Bel Âge Médias …

Bel Âge Médias {B.Â.M.} is a company specializing in providing Business Development, Branding Guidance, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) expertise, Exit Strategies, and Investment Banking services.
Additionally, under their ongoing Streaming / OTT / 4K / Ultra HD initiative, they continue pursuing strategic alignments with high-end, entertainment technology providers, and explore low-cost alternatives for theatrical, televised, streamed, and online distribution of 4K and 2K films & television programs globally.

Started by Sarah Nean Bruce in the early 2000s (FKA Bel Age Pix on 01/01/01), Stephen J. Kerr  partnered with Ms. Bruce to widen the scope of services that Bel Âge Médias provides its clients, including business plans, pitch books, sales projections, M&A, valuations and many more.  Their diverse entertainment experience ranges from Studio films to Indie films, cable television movies and pilot presentations to new media, digital internet / web video series, and even modernized, transmedia-laden adaptations. 

Together with Stephen J. Kerr, Sarah Nean Bruce operates Bel Âge Médias entertainment biz consultancy in Santa Monica, California.