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June 2017 – Current

GENRES: thriller, mystery
SUB-GENRES: psychological, supernatural, suspense, gothic, paranormal

LOGLINE: A popular family psychologist is trying to save her troubled niece to atone for her own failed marriage but something supernatural intrudes into their new life with harrowing paranormal consequences.

This disturbing contained thriller / mystery derives much of its terror by preying upon some of the most basics of human fears: what one cannot entirely see, falling and loud frightening sounds.



Eva LaRue is ELLAH


The production company, PANDORA ROOM, LLC will be formed for the purpose of developing, making, and releasing the feature film project called THE PANDORA ROOM (WGA-w Registration Nos. 1424484, and 1618259) for sale or distribution with networks, VOD, OTT, distributors, and all other known exhibition, theatrically, digitally, streaming, on television, web/app, new media and otherwise, of any program, home video, webisode, or motion picture in which the same may be used or incorporated, including but not limited to television (free, pay, cable, internet, digital or otherwise) or theatrical motion pictures.

The current production / development cost estimate is $950,000 US Dollars.



SARAH NEAN BRUCE, the Producer and Director

STEPHEN J. KERR, the Executive Producer

EVA LARUE, a Co-Executive Producer, and in the lead role of “Ellah”

ANTHONY TURK, the Associate Producer

S. NIGHTFEATHER, the original screenplay writer